Friday, January 3, 2014

Tata Motors Setting up to Revamp Nano

Tata Motors has put more than $1 billion in the Nano extend and the focus at which it will begin getting a return appears to be subsiding. In the previous 4 years, Tata has sold 242,431 Nanos, less than the 250,000 twelve-month number it was gazing toward to accomplish toward the time of the 2009 launch.

Ratan Tata's dream, in which families problematically roosted on a bike would joyfully press into a Nano, hasn't exactly worked out that way. Presently the organization is revamping the thought, attempting to move far from the exorbitant buildup that welcomed the start. Around then it snatched universal consideration as the planet's shabbiest auto and the organization was euphoric to ride the wave of elation.\

Tata Motors setting up to revamp Nano

"We are on the fast journey in making the transformation, making sure all the fundamentals are in place, in trying to create aspiration around the brand, but a slow journey in making sure we don't mess (up) on the fundamentals," a company spokesperson said. "We should see a tipping point in the next six months' time."

The Nano maker ends up in an odd circumstance. From one perspective, its daring offered for Jaguar Land Rover has paid off big time. Not just has the British unit been turned around, it’s been the salvation of the parent as its Indian traveler items (and urgently its business vehicles) have been side-swiped by the droop.

Then, the Tata Motors dreary lineup hasn't got anybody's beats dashing, even more given this setting, the organization's being careful of the Nano, an auto that could turn into one of the incredible car symbols when its showcased right and creates record-breaking sales.

"With the power steering, the overall usability of the car will improve (but) having said that the changes are just incremental in nature. In order for the Nano to take off, they need to make big changes and introduce them for once in the market," Sorabjee said.

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