Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hyundai Ready to be in Spotlight With Upcoming Car 2014

Hyundai being one of the leading giant of automobile sectors is ready to offer date with 2014 by means of powerful engine with wonderful signature at par.

Here’s find out the coat of arms of Hyundai upcoming cars in India 2014 in moments of jiffy as mentioned below:

· Hyundai New Santa Fe: This will be the third-generation model which comply fully SUV with its even higher price by all means in true term on parity. It has been expected to be introduced in month of February 2014 under price tag of Rs 22.00 L - 26.00 L.

· Hyundai Sonata Diesel: the company expected to be launched in month of March under price tag of Rs 20.00 L - 22.00 L respectively. Additionally, the company’s new Sonata faces devoid of diesel engine.

· Hyundai New Tucson: The Company has all set to roll out the all-new Tucson (named iX35 in the international market) in the Rs 18 - 20 lacs in March with great strong leap of efficient engine productivity.

· Hyundai New Elantra: Hyundai Elantra is one of the best cars which has been on the latest iteration of the Elantra expected to be launched in the middle of the 2014 under price tag of Rs 12.80 L - 16.20 L

· Hyundai i30:  Hyundai has successfully round the corner once again with its sensational power of “i” namely the i10 and the i20. In fact, with the i20, they have shown that Indian automobile markets are now really ready to counter the premium package.  Furthermore, it is expected to be introduced in December 2014 with price range between Rs 6.50 L - 8.00 L.

Hyundai New Sonata: Hyundai has worked to give its fluidic design a more mature look that is well suited to its flagship sedan for its upcoming 2015 model of the Sonata, which speculated to be launched in December 2014 with price tag of Rs 20.50 L - 23.00 L.

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