Thursday, January 23, 2014

Tata Motors Maps to Introduce Automatic Version of Nano

Tata Motors is plans to introduced an automation rendition of the country's most reasonable auto as a major aspect of its continuous exertions to resuscitate the brand. India's biggest car organization is working with an Italian part creator to advance a grip less variant of the Nano dependent upon the practical grasp less transmission innovation, otherwise called AMT.

Karl Slym, managing director at Tata Motors simultaneously calling the response for Nano's new Twist variant "euphoric", Slym said the company booked more than 400 Twists in Bangalore alone in the first week of its debut. "Going ahead, we are developing Nano not as a label, but a strong product that it is capable of performing on its own in the Indian market," he said.

Tata Motors plans automatic version of Nano

As per specialists, AMT might keep the value low and permit Tata Motors to pull in junior urban purchasers and ladies to the grip less Nano, which might be the planet's most competitive programmed auto. "Offering an automatic variant in Tata Nano can prove to an excellent strategy as it may help them grabbing in some of additional volumes, targeting yet another set of emerging consumer base that is looking for extra comfort and driving pleasure at reasonably low-cost pricing point," Amit Kaushik, principal analyst (autos) at global consultancy firm IHS Automotive, said.

"Automatic version may also help them target potential lady drivers and urban customers looking for the convenience driving in rush hours," he added.

For Nano, in any case, it is wagering on additional savvy AMT to make it monetarily feasible, industry insiders said. Nano right now offers in the value reach of Rs 1.50 lakh to Rs 2.65 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi). Organization executives said a grasp less auto at a moderate sub-Rs 3-lakh value focus could carry a ton of first-time auto purchasers into the Tata fold.

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