Friday, January 31, 2014

Ashok Leyland Focal Point of Hub Existing Models from LCV Stable

Hinduja Group lead organization Ashok Leylandbse 1.55 % today said it might concentrate on existing models from its Light Commercial Vehicle stable through the following few years.

"The theme of Japanese quality at Indian cost has been driving our Indian philosophy. It feels like we just had a heavy meal (with the launch of new products through joint venture Nissan Motor India).

"Our focus in the next couple of years will be in (introducing) variants of these models," company Non-Executive Vice-Chairman V Sumantran said.

Sumantran said the organization might present another variant of its greatly prevalent LCV 'Dost at the Autoexpo 2014 in Delhi earlier. "We will be launching a tipper version of DOST in Auto Expo".

Ashok Leyland focal point of hub existing models from LCV stable

Sumantran and senior company officials revealed the organization's most recent LCV truck - PARTNER and LCV transport - Mitr as a component of reinforcing its portfolio in the LCV section.

The launch of today's new items accompanies the launch of DOST, Stile under the Ashok Leyland-Nissan Motor India Joint Venture. Ashok Leyland has three Jvs with Nissan Motor India.

On the costs of today's items, he said PARTNER LS variant is valued at Rs 8.89 lakh while the top model LX with force guiding and a cooling taxi is estimated at Rs 9.19 lakh (Ex-showroom Chennai).

The Mitr standard transport (a 26 seater) with force guiding is offered at Rs 12.49 lakh (Ex-showroom Chennai). Its school variant standard transport might be started in a month.

In the LCV truck stage, he said the organization has DOST (under the 2.5tonne classification), in the 3.5 tonne to 4 tonne class, it has PARTNER, above eight tonne classification BOSS, then in the 16tonne classification CAPTAIN, he said.

He said the business sector size for LCV trucks (in 3.5tonne GVW classification) was 30,000 units a year while for LCV transport it was around the range of 35,000 unit a year.

"With these launches we have completed phase I of our journey in LCV segment. We have reached an important milestone," he said.

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