Thursday, December 12, 2013

With Heavy Lifting Done, GM Center View Turns to Cars, Fixing Europe

With General Motors Co lately setting in movement huge changes around the globe, the center for new Chief Executive Mary Barra and her group will be making autos and trucks that demonstrate prominent enough to help close misfortunes in Europe, examiners said. 

Over the previous week, Gm has affirmed it might haul the Chevrolet mark out of Europe by the closure of 2015 to focus on Opel and quit making autos in Australia by 2017, to end misfortunes in those locales. It likewise commended the since a long time ago anticipated passageway of the U.s. Treasury as a shareholder.

However, Gabelli & Co analyst Brian Sponheimer said, "It would appear that her ascension shows the emphasis will be on product as opposed to strategies like squeezing suppliers and that's the right path."
"Quality and consistency of product will always be GM's no. 1 challenge," he added. "Mary Barra needs to continue to change the perception of GM in the eyes of potential customers. That starts with the quality of the car."

"GM has more complexity than a lot of other global automakers and they really need to harness their scale to get the full benefits," said UBS analyst Colin Langan, who has a "buy" rating on GM's stock.

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