Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Nissan Assures Largest Market Radiance for Datsun Launch in India

As the commencement starts for Nissan Motor India's yearning start of Datsun brand, which means to assume Marutibse 1.27 % Suzuki's Alto and Hyundai Eon head-on, the Japanese carmaker has started a way show blanket 100 areas spread over 10 weeks that intends to contact a million individuals. Nissan Motor India executives tout the advertising rush as one of the biggest seen in the Indian auto history in the later times. The Datsun start is something like two to three month away.

John Kullu, Gm - promoting, Datsun India, part of Nissan Motor India says one of the brand values of Datsun is openness and through these street shows the organization needs to connect with prospective first time auto purchasers the nation over who could touch and feel the auto before shutting the buy.
"During our customer clinics, we found that the purchase behaviour of the first time car buyer is very different. They invariably take 3-4 months to finalise their purchase decision. Through these  road shows, we intend to inform them about who we are and how do we stand apart from the competition, so that when he is ready to make his final decision, we are part of the consideration set," said Kullu.

Meanwhile, the company is launching the brand Datsun with the hatchback 'Go', which is liable to be fall in price tag between. `2.8 lakh and 4 lakh. The organization will in the end get its MPV - Datsun Go+ and a car. "Our USP is design, fuel efficiency and space, which is what we are propagating to the prospective car buyers," adds Kullu.

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