Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Live You’re Force to Excel Power in Loop with the Best Hatchback Comparison Ever

Want to buy a car which smartly conceives all prime features of comfort and performance that even satisfy your budget ratio? Here, your wait log period is over with the latest launched of market emerging power engine which sophisticatedly entertain your drive passion. With reference to the comparison between Hyundai Eon and Datsun GO initially marks a special signature of link in different ways to get lures the thrust to drive with excitement.

Under the hood, on comparison, both the cars represent unique significant in terms of tech-savvy resolute to get crowned with entitled by a best hatchback for long run with great ease.

Hence, for this loop, let find out which one is best suitable in budget and shows better look and feel:

Datsun Go basic reflection:

General dimensions:  Go looks best with better body dimensions and specification. Interior is quiet roomier and properly accommodated 5 passengers as against Eon.

Engine: Datsun Go flaunts 1.2 Lit Petrol Engine with 67 BHP Power and 104 NM Torque has whereas  Eon Engine which produces 56 BHP Power 76 NM on caliber of 814 cc, thus GO is perfectly fine on all road circumferences.

Usage: on high way drive, Datsun GO bet well option to standout for both city and highway drive with bigger 1.2 Lit Engine comparatively to Hyundai Eon that best for city usage.

Hyundai Eon prime reflection:

Interiors: Hyundai Eon impressively give appeal better in Interior Aesthetics with beautiful Color Tone to win heart while Go become quiet spacious.

Mileage: Go wisely claims a good mileage approx.20.5 Kmpl, but Hyundai proves slender more fuel competent - especially in city drive due to its small engine configured.

Safety Specs: on parts of safety measurement, Hyundai Eon in its top end flashes with Driver Side Airbags - however it’s omitted in Go.

Overall, Hyundai one more time display a message of appeal that provokes on other side Datsun Go is surely a practical step ahead of competition which entertain by Drive, Handling and Feel ideology.

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