Monday, March 3, 2014

Maruti Suzuki Celerio excel riding experience in Jiffy with AMT

The year 2013 has been quietly spectacular for Maruti Suzuki that perfectly stands out in the forefront stature by spreading its valor wings all over again in 2014. However, this time, the company began by means of it beautiful signature of automated manual transmission which amiably gives an impression of perfect riding experience at par. Notwithstanding, the Celerio is built on an all-new dais that surely marks new introduction of technology frills in the coming year.

More innovatively, Maruti has once again put the Indian automobile sector fully surprised with its leading invention what is called an automated manual transmission (AMT), which mainly acts like a sort of a gadget that perfectly handles work of the clutch with no more clutch pedal there in the driver's foot well. Thus, instead of a manual gear provided something that looks like an automatic shifter, with the exception if you look deeply then you won't see a park mode consecutively.

Hereby, in accordance to the mechanicals and the driving bit, the Maruti Suzuki Celerio currently sports only with a 998cc 3-cylinder petrol engine. Meanwhile, nothing has been set in stone yet about the diesel variant so far. Nonetheless, this petrol variant is well-updated engine that included aluminum in its construction called as K10B or K-Next engine. Promisingly, Maruti has put to the great extent with hard worked to lower the NVH levels simultaneously, this engine is impressively become idealistic quiet rebellion, as speeds rise it has that classic whine.

With this technology, Maruti has well drive to achieve a fuel efficiency of about 23.1 km/l from this manual transmission. More interestingly, now it’s time to get pleasurable riding experience with Celeraio with no efforts to use a clutch several hundred times even more Maruti should be applauded for.

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